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Interrelation of strongyloidiasis and tuberculosis.
  1. A D Dwarakanath,
  2. M Welton,
  3. C J Ellis,
  4. R N Allan
  1. Department of Medicine, University of Liverpool.


    A 31 year old man from Gambia, resident in the United Kingdom for two years, presented with a two month history of unproductive cough, malaise, weight loss, non-specific abdominal pain, and episodic diarrhoea. Acid alcohol fast bacilli were identified in his sputum, together with Strongyloides stercoralis larvae and Giardia lamblia cysts in his stools. This case illustrates that latent strongyloidiasis can become overt in the presence of tuberculosis, and the diagnosis of strongyloidiasis must be borne in mind in patients who have previously resided in endemic regions.

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