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Role of the enteric nervous system in the maintained hypersecretion induced by enterotoxin STa in the nutritionally deprived intestine.
  1. H C Nzegwu,
  2. R J Levin
  1. Department of Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield.


    Electrogenic (Cl-) secretion was measured as the short circuit current (Isc, microA/cm2) across muscle-stripped sheets of jejunum and ileum incubated in vitro after removal from fed rats, rats starved for three days, and chronically undernourished rats (50% of fed control intake for 21 days). Concentration and Isc response curves for serially-added mucosal Escherichia coli STa enterotoxin showed that the rats which had undergone dietary deprivation had a larger secretory Isc maximum but the ED50 values were unchanged compared with fed animals. In fed intestine the action of STa was transient, with an Isc peak and subsequent decay to the baseline over 60 minutes but in the undernourished intestine the response consisted of a significantly greater peak than that of the fed state (jejunum = 94%; ileum = 168%) and the Isc was maintained at or near the peak for at least 60 minutes. The starved intestine had a less well developed maintenance of its enhanced peak Isc. Serosal tetrodotoxin (1 microM) had no effect on the initial peak Isc values but caused a decay of the maintained Isc down to the basal or fed levels in the starved and, especially, in the undernourished intestines. Thus, dietary deprivation, especially chronic undernutrition, enhances the maximum electrogenic secretion due to STa and creates a new neural path in the submucosal plexus that, when activated by STa, maintains its enhanced secretory action. Its putative role in exacerbating secretory diarrhoea in malnourished human subjects could be an important component underlying the known relation between malnourishment and the increased severity of diarrhoea.

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