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Wheat deficient in gliadins: promising tool for treatment of coeliac disease.
  1. M Frisoni,
  2. G R Corazza,
  3. D Lafiandra,
  4. E De Ambrogio,
  5. C Filipponi,
  6. F Bonvicini,
  7. E Borasio,
  8. E Porceddu,
  9. G Gasbarrini
  1. Università di Bologna, Italy.


    The toxicity of two varieties of bread wheat, one poor in alpha and beta gliadins and the other poor in alpha, beta, gamma, and omega gliadins, has been tested. The peptic-tryptic digest of these wheats was assessed using coeliac mucosa in an in vitro organ culture system. A significantly lower toxicity was found in respect of bread wheat containing all gliadin fractions. These results suggest new opportunities for the treatment of coeliac disease.

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