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Relations between upper abdominal symptoms and gastric distension abnormalities in dysmotility like functional dyspepsia and after vagotomy.
  1. L E Troncon,
  2. D G Thompson,
  3. N K Ahluwalia,
  4. J Barlow,
  5. L Heggie
  1. Department of Medicine, University of Manchester Medical School, Hope Hospital, Salford.


    Postprandial bloating and fullness are commonly found both in dysmotility like functional dyspepsia, and after vagotomy but the relation between gastric accommodation and symptom production has not been investigated. Intragastric pressure levels and symptoms developed during controlled distension of the gastric fundus were recorded in nine patients with functional dyspepsia, in seven patients after truncal vagotomy, and in 11 healthy volunteers. The procedure was repeated after ingestion of a liquid nutrient meal (250 ml; 250 kcal). Gastric tone, expressed as the average value of pressure over the distension period was lower in controls (median: 11.3 mm Hg) than in either the dyspeptic patients (median: 16.48 mm Hg) or postvagotomy patients (median: 19.12 mm Hg) (p < 0.05). Meal ingestion reduced gastric tone in controls, but no significant change occurred in either the dyspepsia or the postvagotomy patients. Volumes at which discomfort was elicited by distension during fasting were lower both in dyspeptic patients (median: 210 ml) and in postvagotomy patients (median: 180 ml) than in healthy volunteers (median: 660 ml) (p < 0.05). Discomfort thresholds were unaffected by meal ingestion. These results suggest that a disturbance of gastric relaxation may be related to symptom development in dysmotility like functional dyspepsia, while similarities between dyspeptic patients and postvagotomy patients suggest that the impaired gastric accommodation in functional dyspepsia may be due to an underlying vagal defect.

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