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Combined radiochemotherapy for postoperative recurrence of oesophageal cancer.
  1. J L Raoul,
  2. E Le Prisé,
  3. B Meunier,
  4. V Julienne,
  5. P L Etienne,
  6. M Gosselin,
  7. B Launois
  1. Centre F. Marquis, Rennes, France.


    Postoperative recurrences are common after resection for oesophageal cancer. From January 1986 to September 1993 31 patients (30 males, one female, mean (SD) age: 57.5 (8.8) years) were treated for locoregional recurrence (n = 24), metastases (n = 6) or both (n = 1) occurring 15.0 (12.6) months after initial surgery. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy were combined in all cases. Symptomatic improvement was seen in 23 cases (74%) and lasted (excluding treatment period) for 6.3 (4) months. Objective tumoral response was seen in 20 patients (65%) including eight (26%) complete responses. Survival rates were at respectively six months, one, two, and three years: 70.7%, 47.1%, 17.1%, 4.3%. In conclusion, these results show that combined therapy could have a beneficial symptomatic effect and can be associated with prolonged survival in patients with postoperative recurrences of oesophageal cancer.

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