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The serum pepsinogen level with special reference to the histology of the gastric mucosa
  1. O. A. A. Bock,
  2. G. Arapakis,
  3. L. J. Witts,
  4. W. C. D. Richards


    Determination of the serum pepsinogen level is simple and the method gives consistent results. The serum pepsinogen level remains steady when the stomach is actively secreting pepsin. Age and sex do not greatly affect the serum pepsinogen concentration.

    Serum pepsinogen levels can be correlated with the histological appearances of the gastric mucosa. The parietal cells appear to be more sensitive to injury than the chief cells. The serum pepsinogen levels of patients with pernicious anaemia are very low.

    Estimation of the serum pepsinogen level is likely to prove a useful screening test for severe atrophic gastritis and gastric atrophy.

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