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Pancreatic replacement therapy in the treatment of pancreatic steatorrhoea
  1. I. N. Marks,
  2. S. Bank,
  3. Evelyn M. Airth


    The effect of a whole pancreas preparation (Viokase) has been investigated in 11 patients with pancreatic steatorrhoea and in five patients with steatorrhoea due to other causes. The appearance of the stool, faecal fat, and stool and blood radioactivity after a given dose of I131 triolein (Raolein) were employed in assessing the response to Viokase therapy. Pancreatic steatorrhoea was considerably improved in the majority of patients, and showed some improvement in the remainder. Viokase appeared to be of limited value in the treatment of post-gastrectomy steatorrhoea, and failed to influence fat absorption in steatorrhoea due to disorder of the small intestine.

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