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The course and prognosis of ulcerative colitis
  1. Felicity C. Edwards,
  2. S. C. Truelove

    Part I Short-term prognosis


    The authors have produced a unique study of 624 patients with ulcerative colitis for they have achieved a 100% follow-up of all these patients admitted to the Radcliffe Infirmary or to the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, from 1938 to March 1962 inclusive or who attended as out-patients during the same period. They are therefore able to present a most important analysis of the natural history of ulcerative colitis as it occurs in the general population. Part I concerns the short-term prognosis in the initial attack, Part II the long-term prognosis; Part III discusses the complications of the disease, and Part IV the risk of carcinoma.

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    Part I Short-term prognosis

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