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Chemical and immunological testing for faecal occult blood in screening subjects at risk of familial colorectal cancer.
  1. L M Hunt,
  2. P S Rooney,
  3. K Bostock,
  4. M H Robinson,
  5. J D Hardcastle,
  6. N C Armitage
  1. Department of Surgery, University of Nottingham, Queen's Medical Centre.


    BACKGROUND: People with a family history of colorectal cancer have an increased risk of the disease themselves. Many centres are advocating family history screening by endoscopy. AIMS: The performance of chemical and immunological faecal occult blood tests (Haemoccult and Hemeselect) in 212 subjects with a family history of colorectal cancer was assessed. RESULTS: Both Hemeselect and Haemoccult were positive in the only patient with colorectal cancer. Hemeselect was more sensitive than Haemoccult for adenomas (40% compared with 20%) (adenomas larger than 1 cm 75% compared with 50%). No additional abnormality was detected by the addition of Haemoccult or Hemeselect to 60 cm flexible sigmoidoscopy in screening people at lower levels of familial risk. A false positive rate of 16% for Hemeselect resulted in a high proportion of additional colonoscopies in this group. CONCLUSIONS: At present faecal occult blood tests are not sufficiently sensitive or specific to replace endoscopy in screening people at risk of familial colorectal cancer.

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