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Interpretation of ERCP with associated digital imaging correlation

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Interpretation of ERCP with associated digital imaging correlation. Andrew J Taylor and Anthony G Bohorfoush. (Pp 372; illustrated; £73.00.) Philadelphia: Lippincott- Raven Publishers, 1996. ISBN 0-397- 51579-0.

The Royal College of Radiologists is very keen thatx-ray departments should be called Departments of Clinical Radiology in order to emphasise the strong links between clinical specialties and imaging. This book epitomises that philosophy. It is basically a radiological book written by a radiologist and a gastroenterologist, but contains hefty and valuable slices of comprehensive clinical material which should make it appealing to radiologists, gastroenterologists and surgeons with an interest in biliary and pancreatic disease. Its high quality radiological images, some of which are virtually unique, provide a useful atlas and it is sufficiently well referenced to allow the reader who wishes to delve further to be successful. Its 14 chapters start with technical aspects of imaging and endoscopy, although it does not set out to be a significant practical guide to ERCP techniques. Chapters on normal anatomy, developmental anomalies, benign and malignant disease of the biliary system and the pancreas follow, and the book finishes with a series of useful tables of differential diagnosis and pattern analysis. All in all, this is an individual book which adopts a unique approach to its subject and at the price is well worth having.

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