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Techniques in Liver Surgery

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Techniques in Liver Surgery. Edited by Mazziotti A, Cavallari A. (Pp 369; illustrated; price not given.) London: Greenwich Medical Media (distributed by Oxford University Press), 1997. ISBN 1 900151 251.

The first formal right hepatectomy was reported by Lortat-Jacob and Robert in 1952. Before that time surgeons tried to steer clear of liver surgery because of the risk of uncontrollable haemorrhage and the operative mortality rate of at least 20%. However a widening knowledge of segmental hepatic anatomy described by Couinaud in 1957, and elaborated by Bismuth in 1982, led to the development of safe resectional techniques for the various major segments of the liver so that intraoperative deaths have become rare events in elective liver surgery. The techniques of hepatobiliary surgery have developed rapidly and the subject is now recognised as …

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