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Dermatitis herpetiformis and cigarette smoking
  1. J B SMITH
  1. S B SMITH
  1. J J ZONE
  1. Department of Dermatology,
  2. University of Utah,
  3. 50 North Medical Drive,
  4. Room 4B454,
  5. Salt Lake City, Utah 84132, USA
  6. William Beaumont Hospital,
  7. 5005 North Piedras Street,
  8. El Paso, Texas 79920, USA
  9. Department of Dermatology
  10. University of Utah,
  11. 50 North Medical Drive,
  12. Room 4B454,
  13. Salt Lake City, Utah 84132, USA

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Editor,—Some time ago a study by Snook and colleagues (Gut 1996;39:60–2) found cigarette smoking to be less prevalent among those with coeliac disease. This prompted Lear and colleagues (Gut1997;40:289) to evaluate smoking status in patients with dermatitis herpetiformis (DH), an autoimmune blistering skin disease that also presents with a gluten sensitive enteropathy. They found that 29 patients with DH were significantly less likely to be smokers than matched and unmatched controls.

As we also have a large population of patients with DH, we did …

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