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Tomorrow’s challenge in liver transplantation: diminishing the imbalance between donor organ availability and need
  1. S W CHUNG
  1. Department of Medicine
  2. Department of Surgery, University of British Columbia,
  3. British Columbia Transplant Society,
  4. Vancouver, BC, Canada
  1. Dr Yoshida, The British Columbia Transplant Society, East Tower, 4th Floor, 555 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada.

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Editor,—It was with great interest that we read Periera and William’s article (Gut1998;42:883–5) reviewing the problem of the great imbalance between the limited number of donor livers versus the increasing need for transplantation in the UK and possible remedies to this tragic situation: strategies to increase the number of actual donations from the annual pool of potential donors. This great imbalance between allograft supply and demand is a challenging problem …

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