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Helicobacter pylori infection potentiates the inhibition of gastric acid secretion by omeprazole


BACKGROUND Omeprazole has a greater intragastric pH elevating effect in Helicobacter pylori positive than negative subjects. Ammonia production byH pylori has been suggested as a probable mechanism.

AIMS To assess the effect ofH pylori status on gastric acid secretion during omeprazole treatment, and to examine the possible role of ammonia neutralisation of intragastric acid in increased omeprazole efficacy in infected subjects.

METHODS TwentyH pylori positive and 12H pylori negative healthy volunteers were examined before and six to eight weeks after commencing omeprazole 40 mg/day. On both occasions plasma gastrin and acid output were measured basally and in response to increasing doses of gastrin 17 (G-17). Gastric juice ammonium concentrations were also measured.

RESULTS Prior to omeprazole, measurements were similar in the H pyloripositive and negative subjects. During omeprazole, median basal intragastric pH was higher in the H pyloripositive (7.95) versus negative (3.75) subjects (p<0.002). During omeprazole basal, submaximal (180 pmol/kg/h G-17), and maximal acid outputs (800 pmol/kg/h G-17) were lower in H pylori positive subjects (0.0, 3.6, 6.0 mmol/h respectively) versus negative subjects (0.3, 14.2, 18.6 mmol/h) (p<0.03 for each). This effect was not explained by neutralisation by ammonia.

CONCLUSION The presence ofH pylori infection leads to a more profound suppression of acid secretion during omeprazole treatment. The effect cannot be explained by neutralisation of intragastric acid by bacterial ammonia production and its precise mechanism has to be explained.

  • omeprazole
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • ammonia
  • acid secretion
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  • Abbreviations:
    basal acid output
    gastrin 17
    gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
    maximal acid output
    proton pump inhibitor

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