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Measles virus and Crohn’s disease
  1. M A AFZAL,
  2. P D MINOR
  2. S GHOSH
  1. Division of Virology
  2. National Institute for Biological Standards and Control
  3. South Mimms, Potters Bar
  4. Hertfordshire EN6 3QG, UK
  5. Gastrointestinal Unit
  6. Department of Medicine
  7. University of Edinburgh
  8. Western General Hospital
  9. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  1. Dr Afzal (email:mafzal{at}

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Editor,—We read with interest the view of Professor ter Meulen (Gut1998;43:733–4) regarding the possible association of measles virus and Crohn’s disease. We are in complete agreement with the author that current data available in the literature, mostly derived from serological, epidemiological and case control studies, are controversial and need to be investigated further. Professor ter Meulen proposes that the definitive answer to the problem of the involvement of measles virus in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) would come from amplification of measles virus …

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