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The authors’ names were erroneously omitted from abstract TH481 (Gut1999;44(suppl 1):A121). The full abstract is reproduced below.

Effect of gluten and of dietary treatment on gastric emptying of realistic meals in patients with celiac disease

L Benini, C Sembenini, L Salandini, E Dall’O’, M Menegotti, I Vantini.

Dept. of Gastroenterology, University of Verona, 37067 Valeggio sM, Italy

Dyspeptic symptoms occur frequently in celiac disease (CD) patients before gluten removal. In CD, motors disorders of the oesophagus and small and large intestine have been reported, but no data are available on the effect of gluten (and of its removal) on gastric emptying. We have therefore submitted 10 consecutive patients with newly-diagnosed CD, aged 26-39 yrs, to ultrasonografic study of gastric emptying of two meals (pasta with meat sauce, soft cheese, bread, ham, water; 800 Cal), prepared with aliments with or without gluten. Antral sections were measured every 30 min for 7 hours or till their return to the basal value. Both studies were repeated after six months of gluten free diet, after hystological normalisation of the duodenum. Normal values for total gastric emptying in our laboratory are <320 minutes. The Student’s t test for paired data was used for statistical analysis.

Results—No difference was found in antral sections in fasting conditions and after maximal dilatation after the two meals. At entry, 6/10 patients had a delayed emptying. One had to be excluded from further analysis because of an extreme delay in gastric emptying both before and after diet (>7 hours). Table shows total emptying times (minutes, x±SEM) and significance of paired differences in the remaining 9 patients. After the diet, only 3/10 patients had a delayed emptying.

Conclusions—Gastric emptying is delayed in one half of patients with celiac disease both for gluten-containing and for gluten-free meals. Gastric emptying of gluten-containing meals is not improved by diet; gastric emptying of gluten-free meals reverts to normal after the recovery of duodenal mucosa.