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Correction for vol. 46, p. 701

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An error occurred in figure 1 in the paper by Jeppesen and Mortensen (Gut2000;46:701–706). The correct figure is published below. The correct figure appears on theGut website ( and thus diverges from the print version of the May issue. We apologise for any confusion this error may have caused.

Figure 1

48 hour balance studies defining intestinal failure. Absorption of wet weight and energy in relation to the basal metabolic rate (BMR) calculated by the Harris-Benedict equations in 44 patients managing without parenteral support (non-HPN patients, open circles) and in 45 patients depending on home parenteral nutrition (black triangles). The 5% confidence limits of the non-HPN patients, defining intestinal failure, are given by the lines. Energy absorption/BMR was 84% and wet weight absorption 1.41 kg/day.

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