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  1. Ian Forgacs
  1. Associate Editor

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A paper in this journal two years ago caused quite a stir in the media as it highlighted the alarming increase in mortality from cholangiocarcinoma in the UK. The associated rise in incidence is not explained by enhanced diagnosis—it's real. The group from St Mary's that made the earlier observation now speculate that an environmental carcinogen is to blame. They studied DNA adduct formation as a marker of DNA damage and as a primary event in chemical carcinogenesis. In cholangiocarcinomas, they found that there were more DNA adducts than in controls. Maybe this will initiate the search for the causative agent(s). Gut wishes them well in the hunt but don't bet against the epidemiologists getting there first. See 586

Examples of countries where intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma is rising (see 586).


If you take the “it's not in your mind, it's in your guts” approach to …

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