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Acupuncture for gastrointestinal disorders
  1. Y Ishida
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Sung, in his article on acupuncture and gastrointestinal disorders (Gut 2002;51:617–19), states that despite the lack of scientific basis, acupuncture is widely used.

I disagree. There are published papers1,2 showing that:

  1. Yang and Yin are characterised as phased flows of bioelectromagnetic energy emanating from various organ specific generators.

  2. This flow called qi has four different biochemical components ranging from small ions, free radicals (thus creating bioelectromagnetic field and current, while causing cascading billiard effects as well), to various neurotransmitters, macromolecules like opiods, and further.

  3. Meridians are four anatomically distinct channels of the above bioactive agents, eg, afferent/efferent nerves, arteries/veins, muscles and interstitial spaces.

These physicomathematical and physiological analyses make understanding of the “Mysterious East” a bit easier to the inquisitive “rational” Western mind.


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