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What’s the score? All new, easy to use, endoscopic scoring system for Crohn’s! ▸

Interest in objective endoscopic activity scores for Crohn’s waned in recent years because they were cumbersome, suffered from interobserver variation, and healing correlated poorly with clinical response. Newer biological therapies can induce mucosal healing, and this may correlate with longer remissions, rekindling interest in such endoscopic scoring systems. The authors developed the previous Crohn’s disease endoscopic index of severity (CDEIS) which was reproducible but complicated and impractical for routine use. They have now developed a simplified score by selecting the most reproducible variables in an interobserver study, developing an easy to use scoring system with them, and validating the score in a different patient cohort. Lastly, reliability of the new simplified endoscopic activity score for Crohn’s disease (SES-CD) was assessed in all patients and correlated with clinical and biochemical parameters.

The four variables used were presence of deep ulcers, proportion of the surface affected by ulcers, proportion affected by any other lesions, and stenoses, with a possible score …

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