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J Baillie, P‐A Testoni. Are we meeting the standards set for ERCP? (Gut 2007;56:744–6). Both the editors and authors are grateful to the authors of the BSG audit of endoscopic retrograde cholangio‐pancreatography (ERCP) study (EJ Williams, S Taylor, P Fairclough, et al. Are we meeting the standards set for endoscopy? Results of a large‐scale prospective study of endoscopic retrograde cholangio‐pancreatography practice (Gut 2007;56:821–9)) for pointing out that both their article and the accompanying commentary by Baillie and Testoni refer to two sets of data, which the commentary failed to clearly distinguish. The 2003 NCEPOD study (NCEPOD. Scoping our practice. The 2004 …

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