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Dusheiko G, Antonakopoulos N. Current treatment of hepatitis B. (Gut 2008;57:105–24).

There are several mistakes in this article. (1) In the section “Major patterns of chronic hepatitis”, under the heading “HBeAg positive chronic hepatitis B”, the sentence “Spontaneous seroconversion rates remain relatively low in this group at approximately 20% at one year” should read “at 5–15%”. (2) In table 1, reference 48 should be reference 50 and reference 83 should be reference 111. (3) In table 2, reference 50 should be 52 and reference 83 should reference 111. (4) Also in table 2, the entecavir 0.5 mg resistance rate in HBeAg negative patients is 0–1%, not 8%.

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