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Endoscopy in a new light…
  1. Peter D Fairclough
  1. Dr P Fairclough, Endoscopy Unit, The Royal London Hospital, London E1 1BB, UK; peter.f{at}

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Edited by J Cohen. . Published by Blackwell, Oxford, 2007, pp 317, hardcover with DVD, £110. ISBN 9781405158862

Narrow band imaging (NBI) comes as standard with the latest version of the hardware sold by the UK’s most popular supplier of endoscopy equipment, but how many UK gastroenterologists know the theory of the new modality, how to use it, the appearances of even common lesions and the potential benefits for patients? This book attempts to bring the experience of the (mostly Japanese) front runners in NBI to a more general audience.

NBI uses restricted parts of the spectrum of white light to enhance the vessel pattern and superficial detail of mucosal lesions, allowing the diagnosis of early lesions such as cancers and dysplasia, so poor in current UK …

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