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April 2010 - Volume 59 - Suppl 1

British Society of Gastroenterology Annual General Meeting 2010

Association of Gastro-intestinal Physiologists (AGIP)

BSG endoscopy free papers

BSG inflammatory bowel disease symposium

BSG information group symposium and free papers

BSG neurogastroenterology/motility section symposium

BSG trainee symposium: hot topics in gastro training

Case presentations

Cellular and molecular pathology posters

Colorectal/anorectal free papers

Colorectal/anorectal posters

Endoscopy I posters

Endoscopy II posters

Endoscopy III posters

Endoscopy free papers

GI physiology posters

Gastroduodenal free papers

Gastroduodenal posters

Health service research and IT posters

Inflammatory Bowel Disease II posters

Inflammatory bowel disease free papers

Joint IBD & adolescent and young persons section symposium

Liver I posters

Liver II posters

Liver free papers

Liver symposium

Neoplasia and cancer pathogenesis posters

Neurogastroenterology/motility posters

Neurogastroenterology/motility section free papers

Nutrition posters

Oesophageal free papers and audit presentation

Oesophagus posters

Pancreas posters

Pancreatic symposium and free papers

Pathology free papers

Plenary posters

Plenary session

Radiology posters

Service development free papers

Service development posters

Small bowel & nutrition free papers

Small bowel posters

Trainees posters