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PWE-011 Consistency between bowel cancer screening colonoscopists of varying backgrounds: the St Mark's experience
  1. S Gupta,
  2. N Suzuki,
  3. C Fraser,
  4. M E Vance,
  5. B P Saunders,
  6. S Thomas-Gibson
  1. The Wolfson Unit for Endoscopy, St Mark's Hospital and Academic Institute, London, UK


Introduction St Mark's Bowel Cancer Screening Centre (BCSC) became “live” from October 2006. It has five accredited screening colonoscopists of varying backgrounds-3 UK trained consultant gastroenterologists, one UK trained consultant nurse endoscopist and a very experienced Japanese trained honorary consultant endoscopist.

Methods To compare endoscopic performance between the five screening colonoscopists at St Mark's BCSC. Performance indicator data were prospectively collected for each endoscopist and analysed (October 2006–September 2009).

Result Over 1200 colonoscopies were performed. Screeners 1, 2, 4 were accredited at the start. Screener 3 was accredited in 2007 and screener 5 has been performing screening lists for 13 months with no regular list to date (Abstract 011).

Abstract PWE-011

Conclusion Polyp/adenoma detection rates were higher than expected. There was a significantly lower ADR for Colonoscopist 4 (38.57), however this was above the national target. There were no other significant differences in performance. A longer procedure time may be associated with higher completion and adenoma detection rates. Cancer rates were lower than national figures possibly due to a previous flexible sigmoidoscopy trial in the centre in 1999.

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