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PWE-012 Colonoscopic adverse events in St Mark's bowel cancer screening experience
  1. S Gupta,
  2. M E Vance,
  3. N Suzuki,
  4. C Fraser,
  5. B P Saunders,
  6. S Thomas-Gibson
  1. The Wolfson Unit for Endoscopy, St Mark's Hospital and Academic Institute, London, UK


Introduction The incidence of polyps requiring therapy is higher in Bowel Cancer Screening (BCS) compared to the symptomatic population. The current BCS patient information leaflets quote “heavy” bleeding risk of 1:150 and perforation 1:1500.

Methods To assess all complications 2006–2009. Data were collected prospectively. Additional information was retrieved from the screening team.

Result 1253 procedures were performed in this period. 583 patients had 1625 polyps requiring polypectomy. There were eight (0.6%) reported adverse events and five (0.4%), recalled by screening team (Abstract 012).

Abstract PWE-012

Conclusion Less than 1:500 patients undergoing polypectomy required transfusion. Overall bleeding risk (including small bleeds without transfusion) was ∼1:80 patients requiring polypectomy. Admission risk was 0.6%. Perforation risk was ∼1:1200 colonoscopies and ∼1:600 patients requiring polypectomy. No patients required surgery or prolonged admission, with no procedure related mortality. Despite a higher therapeutic load in the BCS cohort, the risk of significant complications was within acceptable ranges.

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