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  1. Emad El-Omar,
  2. William Grady,
  3. Alexander Gerbes, Editor and Deputy Editors

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The Gut supplement on viral hepatitis

This month Gut offers its readers an exciting bonus! We are delighted to welcome our guest editors Professor David Thomas (USA), Masashi Mizokami (Japan) and Fabien Zoulim (France) who have put together an outstanding supplement on viral hepatitis. They have invited the world's leading authorities on viral hepatitis to summarise state-of-the-art knowledge on the pathogenesis and management of this disease. The authoritative reviews offer a unique insight into a disease that affects millions of patients worldwide and offer a window on future developments in the field.

Luminal GI

Maastricht Guidelines IV for Helicobacter pylori infection

Ever since H pylori was discovered and transformed our clinical practice, there has been a huge demand for guidance on how to manage this infection and its associated clinical sequelae. The European Helicobacter Study Group has been at the forefront of generating the necessary guidance. Through the so called Maastricht Consensus Reports of which there have been three since 1997, the best available evidence base has been presented and followed by large sections of our clinical community. In this issue of Gut, we are delighted to publish the latest consensus report on the subject. The report is titled Maastricht IV/Florence Consensus Report, to reflect the historical background of the original set (Maastricht) and the latest venue for the consensus meeting (Florence). The report presents a comprehensive assessment of all relevant questions relating to H pylori and is a valuable resource for …

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