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Hendy PJ, Florin THJ. Spontaneous oesophageal perforation: an unreported complication of lymphocytic oesophagitis. Gut 2013;62:1668–69. Published Online First: 14 July 2013. doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2013-305455

The correct author order should appear as:

Peter J Hendy1, David S Wong2, Timothy HJ Florin1,3

1 Gastroenterology Department, Mater Health Services, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

2 Anatomical Pathology Department, Mater Health Services, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

3 School of Medicine, University of QLD, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Contributors statement should now read: TF identified and managed the case described as well as reviewing the letter. PH performed the literature review and drafted the letter. DW assessed and reported the histopathology.

The authors would also like to add the following acknowledgement to their article: We would like to acknowledge the intellectual contribution of our pathologist.

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