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A multi-journal partnership to highlight joint first-authors of manuscripts
  1. M Bishr Omary1,
  2. Michael B Wallace2,
  3. Emad M El-Omar3,
  4. Rajiv Jalan4,
  5. Michael H Nathanson5
  1. 1Editor, Gastroenterology
  2. 2Editor, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  3. 3Editor, Gut
  4. 4Editor, Journal of Hepatology
  5. 5Editor, Hepatology
  1. Correspondence to M Bishr Omary; mbishr{at}

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Our journals came together to put forth a plan that highlights joint first-authors in citations that are part of the references section of original articles. This has already been implemented by some of us (Gastroenterology,1 ,2 Hepatology3) but is now part of the Instructions to Authors in all five partnering journals (Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Gut, Hepatology, and Journal of Hepatology). Prior to this, we and most, if not all, other journals highlighted joint first-authors of articles they published on the first page of the article (though such acknowledgment is sometimes difficult to note in some journals). In practical terms, our plan implies that citations listed in the references section will use either bold lettering or an underline to highlight all joint first-authors of a listed reference (as an example, see Reference 1).

There are several reasons for coming together and featuring this policy in a commentary that is jointly published in all five journals. For one, we are delighted to collaborate on timely and relevant initiatives, disseminating information and goals that are of common interest and of benefit to our field, readers, and authors. For example, sometimes we jointly …

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