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PTU-221 Outcome of recurrent acute diverticulitis – a district general hospital experience
  1. A Khan1,
  2. B Muthiah2,
  3. S Mirza3
  1. 1General Surgery
  2. 2Colorectal Surgery
  3. 3Bariatric and General Surgery, Walsall Manor Hospital, Walsall, UK


Introduction There is no agreed consensus on the management of recurrent (two or more) episodes of acute diverticulitis.1Our aim was to look at the outcome of recurrent episodes in our hospital.

Method A retrospective analysis from 2009 to 2014. Patients had a prior diagnosis of diverticulitis confirmed by CT followed by either colonoscopy or barium enema. Data was collected from patient records, electronic discharge summaries, radiology and endoscopy reports. We included only patients readmitted with diverticulitis confirmed by CT or colonoscopy.

Results 21% (51/243) of patients were readmitted with acute diverticulitis (18 males, 33 females). Forty patients were between the age of 50 to 89. The diagnostic modality was colonoscopy and CT in 30 and 21 patients respectively. 45 patients were readmitted once (mean length of stay was 7 days), and 6 had multiple readmissions (mean length of stay was 11 days). 33% (17/51) patients underwent surgery (elective 13, emergency 4). In the elective surgery group 12 patients waited less than 12 months before undergoing surgery. The post operative complications are listed in Table 1.

Abstract PTU-221 Table 1


There was no operative mortality but two non-operative mortalities (deemed too high risk for surgery).

Conclusion 33% of recurrent admissions required operative intervention. In a financially challenged climate, readmissions with length of stay have cost implications. We suggest early surgical intervention in this subgroup.

Disclosure of interest None Declared.


  1. Royal College of Surgeons (England). Commissioning Guide 2013 – Colonic diverticular disease. Available from:

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