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PTU-313 Looking for satisfaction in nhs – patients, gps and specialist doctors
  1. MF Jaboli,
  2. T Rayne,
  3. C Durcan,
  4. O Epstein
  1. Gastroenterology, London, UK


Introduction In NHS it is time for innovation. Instead of patients suffering the long waiting times and a multitude of journeys to and from hospital, they should receive a diagnosis with immediate treatment within a month of referral. Hospitals are under pressure to achieve targets and need to improve their communication with patients and GEneral Practitioner (GP). A new type of Outpatient clinic, the Split Clinic (SC), in Gastroenterology has been piloted and feedback from the patients and GP obtained.

Method Questionnaires about the quality of the consultation they received in the SC, were issued to 118 patients. The referrals were previewed and investigations pre-booked after contacting the patients. Patients return home with a “Easy View Care Map” (EVCM) document which summarises the consultation in a Mind Map format. The questionnaire asked four simple questions with five options (from strongly agreed to strongly disagree). A second survey was undertaken to assess the acceptability to GPs of the EVCM. 266 questionnaires were sent out to all the GPs containing seven questions and same five reply options.

Results The responses of the 118 patients are summarised in Table 1. 110 of 266 (41%) of the GP questionnaires were returned. The responses are summarised in Table 2.

Abstract PTU-313 Table 1

Results out of 118 questionnaires

Abstract PTU-313 Table 2

Results % out of 106 questionnaires (4 further questionnaires returned incomplete)

Conclusion We think that the SC is an innovative clinic because the patients liked the fact that it was well organised, efficient and saved them time. GPs approved the new EVCM document. We, as providers of the NHS, found great satisfaction delivering diagnosis and treatment in one morning instead of 3 months. Overall quality of life is improved together with cost savings.

Disclosure of interest None Declared.

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