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PWE-203 Endoscopic transgastric pancreatic necrosectomy (ETN) – a safe and effective treatment for infected pancreatic necrosis
  1. T Duncan,
  2. R Bamford,
  3. S Griffiths,
  4. A Strickland
  1. Hepatobiliary Surgery, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, UK


Introduction Infected pancreatic necrosis remains associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. Historically open necrosectomy operative mortality reached 50%. Minimally invasive techniques have been demonstrated to decrease morbidity but not mortality compared to open surgery as highlighted in the PANTER trial. We present our own series of patient results treated with this innovative procedure.

Method All patients managed with ETN at our HPB unit were identified. Patient demographics, diagnosis, primary and secondary outcomes were recorded. Primary outcomes included 30 and 90 day mortality, major morbidity ie: new onset organ failure, haemorrhage or perforation. Secondary outcomes included length of stay in hospital, ITU stay, number of procedures, other interventions required and endocrine/exocrine insufficiency.

Results 12 patients were treated with ETN, 8 males, 4 females with an age range of 21–81. All patients underwent endoscopic ultrasound guided cyst-gastroscopy with stent insertion as initial therapy. A median of two (1–6) endoscopic pancreatic necrosectomies were required with a median of three (1–4) admissions. Average length of stay per admission was 10 days (1–65). One patient was treated with a percutaneous drain initially and then went on to endoscopic treatment and early removal of drain. 25% of patients (3/12) required intensive care admission. No perforations, haemorrhage, 30 or 90 days deaths were recorded.

Conclusion Endoscopic, transgastric pancreatic necrosectomy appears a safe and effective procedure for the management of this patient group. Our results compare favourably with those following open necrosectomy and are similar to published minimally invasive technique outcomes.

Disclosure of interest None Declared.


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