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PWE-248 Does percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) improve global pelvic function in women with faecal incontinence?
  1. SL Kelly1,
  2. C Hoh2,
  3. S Brown2
  1. 1GI Physiology
  2. 2Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield, UK


Introduction PTNS is a minimally invasive treatment for Faecal Incontinence (FI) as recommended by NICE (2011). Many patients with FI have coexisting pelvic floor disorders. Biofeedback has a limited role in these patients and many suffer recurrence of debilitating symptoms.

Aim To determine the effects of 12 weekly PTNS treatments on bowel, urinary, vaginal and sexual function symptoms and global health status.

Method Patients referred for PTNS as treatment for FI attended 30 min treatment sessions once weekly for twelve weeks. The level of incontinence and global pelvic function of patients were assessed using the validated Wexner score and electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire – Pelvic Floor (ePAQ-PF) pre and post treatment accordingly.

Results 79 (71.8%) out of 110 patients (mean age 57.5 years) completed 12 PTNS treatments. 78.5% reported a subjective symptom improvement. 85.5% of these went on to attend top up treatments. 69 patients completed ePAQ-PF and/or Wexner score pre and post treatment. There was a statistically significant improvement in Wexner continence score and several ePAQ-PF symptom domains including continence, bowel related quality of life (p < 0.001), Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – related symptoms (p < 0.005) and bowel evacuation (p < 0.01) related symptoms. There was also a significant improvement in symptoms of urinary pain, urinary stress incontinence (p < 0.05), urinary-related quality of life (p < 0.01) and bowel related sexual function (p < 0.01).

Conclusion PTNS for FI improves bowel and urinary incontinence, as well as patient’s bowel related sexual function and quality of life.

Disclosure of interest None Declared.

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