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PWE-437 The effectiveness of a collaborative educational programme between 2 centres for newly appointed screening specialist practitioners (ssps)?
  1. M Mbuyongha1,
  2. E Smith2,
  3. L Lisa1,
  4. G Fitzgerald1,
  5. N Taggart1,
  6. S Sarkar1
  1. 1Liverpool and Wirral Bowel Screening Centre, Royal Liverpool Hospital
  2. 2Merseyside and North Cheshire Bowel Screening Centre, University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool, UK


Introduction Within the Bowel cancer screening programme- Specialist Screening practitioner have a pivot role. Training new SSPs can take up 1 year and include gaining competencies in pre-assessment clinics for patients on the FOBT programme and compulsory attendance and attainment of the JMU course. The introduction of bowel scope has led to the significant increase in recruitment of SSP to cope with the programme.

Method Two separate BCSP programmes in the Northwest and Cheshire, recruited 8 new SSP to deal with the demand of bowel scope. They collaborated to deliver a multidisciplinary weekly educational programme between 2 sites to help accelerate training of the new SSPs. After the course, the SSPs were asked to complete an anonymous feedback questionnaire on the effectiveness of the course rating 0–10 (10-best score).

Results Tutorial lasted 1–2 h and covered: SSP role, colonoscopy and assessment, documentation, 3x sessions on complex cases, pathology and cancer datasets, AVI reporting, lesion recognition, EMR, Difficult pathways on open Exeter, management of new anticoagulants. Tutors include clinical director, lead colonscopists, Associate specialist, lead Specialist Screening Practitioner (Nurse) and a Programme Manager

On average seven SSP between the 2 sites attended each tutorial.

Conclusion Collaboration between two sites can lead to an effective delivery of educational programme for SSPs.

Disclosure of interest None Declared.

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