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PTH-255 Do children with feeding difficulties have gastro oesophageal reflux ?
  1. TIY Hassan,
  2. J Koeglmeier
  1. Gastroenterology, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK


Introduction Feeding difficulties such as failure of texture progression and oral aversion occur in a number of young children referred to a paediatric Gastroenterologist to establish if gastro oesophageal reflux (GOR) disease is a contributing factor. The aim of this study is to analyse PH/impedance studies in children referred for assessment of GOR as a possible cause of an underlying feeding difficulties

Method All ph/impedance studies recorded between October 2008 and October 2014 were obtained from the departmental database and reviewed retrospectively. Patients with feeding difficulties who were referred for evaluation of GOR were identified. Data on gender, age, presence of comorbidity such as chromosomal or structural malformation, neurological abnormalities mode of feeding (e.g. oral, nasogastric/nasojejunal or gastrostomy) and the outcome of the ph/impedancy study report were collected. Patients on jejunal feeds and those failed the test due to technical difficulties with the equipment were excluded from the study. Data was analysed using SPSS

Results During the study period 1123 patients had a ph/Impedance study, of whom 102 were referred because of feeding difficulties. Ten were excluded due to technical failure and 4 as Jejunally fed. At total of 88/102 (57 male) were hence included.

Only 33/88 (37.5%) had GOR. There was no statistically significant difference between children with and without GOR (p = 0.3)

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Conclusion In our cohort 37.5% (33/88) of children with feeding difficulties had GOR. Thirty percent (26/88) of patients had food allergy, 50% (44/88) an underlying neurological abnormality and 35% (31/88) were developmentally delayed. In otherwise healthy children only 10% with feeding difficulties had GOR. Other causes for the feeding problems should hence be ruled out.

Disclosure of interest None Declared.


  1. Harween Dogra, Bhavini Lad and Dinesh Sirisena: Paediatric gastro-oesphageal reflux disease. BJMP2011;4(2):a412

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