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PTU-004 Enhanced recovery after surgery dvd – an new education tool
  1. P Shah1,2,
  2. M Rees3,
  3. D Brown4,
  4. P Haray2,3
  1. 1Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Ynysmaerdy
  2. 2University of South Wales, Pontypridd
  3. 3Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil
  4. 4Digimed, Leatherhead, UK


Introduction The Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) is widely practiced in patients undergoing colorectal surgery, although there can be wide variation in practice and outcome due to staff and patient factors. Our aim was to develop an information resource that could be used to promote awareness and improve the acceptance of ERAS amongst patients, relatives and staff.

Method A multidisciplinary project advisory group was set up. A project plan was prepared and DigiMed, a specialist Medical Videography company was commissioned. The project advisory group had representation from patients, carers, staff and the community health council who approved the scripts and draft versions of the DVD. Health Board employees and patients were formally consented and recruited to participate. The project was funded from a Health Board endowment fund.

Results The project resulted in a 30-minute film with interactive features explaining the pre, peri and post-operative elements of ERAS. This is achieved by following 2 patients (each having surgery for a malignant and a benign indication respectively) in real time through their treatment journey, starting with managing patients’ expectations and pre-operative counselling. It covers various aspects of anaesthetic and operative techniques, post-operative nursing care, active mobilisation and physiotherapy. In addition, there are ‘red button’ options providing interactive access to extended sections of some steps of ERAS such as analgesia, post-operative care, preoperative stoma training and patient experiences. The emphasis is on de-mystification, clear communication of specific steps and the impact of multi-professional input into patient care. All of this is achieved in a very sensitive patient focused manner and the DVD has been deliberately generically designed to be used in any hospital which practices ERAS for colorectal surgery.

Conclusion This product was launched in March 2013 and early feedback suggests that it will go a long way in alleviating anxiety amongst patients and relatives. It is anticipated that it will prove invaluable as a continuous learning tool for staff helping to achieve consistency in the care provided to colorectal surgical patients.

Disclosure of interest None Declared.

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