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PTU-006 Glove port trans anal excision of rectal tumours
  1. S Dharmavaram,
  2. M Nistor,
  3. K Badrinath
  1. General Surgery, Kings Mill Hospital (Sherwood Forest Hospital NHS Trust), Sutton in Ashfield, UK


Introduction Transanal glove port excision is a safe minimally invasive procedure for excising rectal tumours that avoids major rectal surgeries and its complications. The aim of this study is to review a single Centre experience with Trans Anal Glove Port excision of rectal tumours.

Method Between 2011–2014, 11 patients underwent resection of benign (N = 9) or Malignant (N = 2) rectal tumours, located above the dentate line to 14 cm. The mean follow up period was between 6–12 months. Glove port was constructed using circular anal dilator, standard surgical glove and a wound protector retractor.

Results All the patients underwent Glove port transanal excision of rectal tumours. Male: Female ratio was 10:1. Average age of patients was 63 years. None of the patients in the series underwent conversion to radical surgery. Full thickness excision of the tumour was performed in 9 patients and the other two underwent submucosal excision.

During the follow up period between 6–12 months, 1 patient had recurrent tubulo villous adenoma, which needed further excision of the adenoma. In two patients who had a planned glove port excision for a presumed benign rectal polyp (Tubulo villous adenoma), The final histology showed an adenocarcinoma on a background of Tubulo-villous adenoma. Both the Patients underwent further staging investigations, one patient had a further chemo-radiotherapy and the other patient did not need any further treatment. Both are under close surveillance with no recurrence. Post-operative complications were only mild which included bleeding and mucus discharge.

Conclusion Glove port Trans anal excision is a safe, effective and cheap technique useful in excising rectal tumours with good clearance and full thickness excision of the rectal wall where necessary. It helps avoid major rectal resections with its attendant complications, in many cases.

Disclosure of interest None Declared.


  1. Alessandro C, Daniela M, Michele M, et al. Glove port technique for transanal endoscopic microsurgery. Int J Surg Oncol. 2012;2012:Article ID 383025,1–4

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