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PTH-082 Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of Biosimilar Infliximab to Originator Infliximab in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  1. R Muhammed,
  2. T Wong,
  3. W Haller,
  4. S Protheroe,
  5. L Whyte,
  6. R Bremner
  1. Department of Gastroenterology, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, UK


Introduction CT-P13 is the biosimilar Infliximab approved for use in Europe and it is marketed in the UK in two brand names, Remsima (NAPP pharmaceuticals) and Inflectra (Hospira pharmaceuticals). We have compared the efficacy and safety of biosimilar Infliximab to the originator Infliximab (Remicade, MSD Immunology) in our clinical practice.

Methods Clinical and laboratory data of patients receiving Infliximab from January 2015 to October 2015 was collected from patient records and electronic case records.

Results We have used biosimilar Infliximab (Inflectra) for all new starters of Infliximab treatment in our unit since July 2015. 24 patients (18 with Crohn’s disease (CD) and 6 with ulcerative colitis (UC)) were started on Inflectra this year. 17 patients (15 patients with Crohn’s disease and 2 with ulcerative colitis) were started on Remicade from January to July this year. A total of 72 Inflectra infusions were administered compared to 96 infusions of Remicade. Median number of infusions per patient was 3 and 6 respectively for Inflectra and Remicade. 1 patient receiving Inflectra had a major infusion reaction needing a switch of treatment to Adalimumab. This was comparable to the incidence of major infusion reaction in patients receiving Remicade (1/17). Clinical remission was achieved in 7/11 (64%) patients receiving Inflectra treatment. 8/15 (53%) children with Crohn’s disease on treatment with Remicade achieved clinical remission. 3/6 (50%) patients with UC achieved clinical remission using Inflectra. 1/2 (50%) patients with UC on Remicade achieved clinical remission. Cost of Inflectra is less than that of Remicade (100 mg vial of Inflectra costs approximately £210 and 100 mg vial of Remicade costs approximately £350). Results are summarised in Table 1.

Abstract PTH-082 Table 1

Comparison of patients with IBD on treatment with Remicade and Inflectra

Conclusion In our clinical practice, the efficacy and safety of biosimilar Infliximab (Inflectra) is comparable to the originator Infliximab with significant cost savings offered by the use of biosimilar Infliximab.

Disclosure of Interest R. Muhammed Grant/research support from: MSD immunology, Abbvie, Takeda, Speaker bureau with: Abbvie, Dr Falk, Conflict with: MSD Immunology, Takeda, Pfizer, Dr Falk, Nestle, T. Wong: None Declared, W. Haller: None Declared, S. Protheroe Grant/research support from: Tillotts Pharma, L. Whyte: None Declared, R. Bremner: None Declared

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