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PTU-003 Video: Insertion and Removal of an Ileocolonic Stent in a Complex Crohn’s Stricture
  1. A Cole1,
  2. R Singh2
  1. 1Derby Digestive Disease Centre
  2. 2Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Royal Derby Teaching Hospital, Derby, UK


Introduction Crohn’s disease often causes stricturing to occur at surgical anastomoses. This may be treated by further surgery or balloon dilatation. This often requires repeated procedures because of the elastic recoil of tissues and restenosis. More recently commercially available removeable stents have been introduced onto the market. We present a video of the successful use and subsequent removal of an entero-colonic stent to treat a complex recurrent post surgical stenosis in a patient with Crohns disease.

Methods Xray still and Video images are presented of enterocoloic stent insertion and subsequent removal after two weeks in a patient who had had 4 previous surgeries and had a double stricture in the neoterminal ileum. A 9 cm Diagamed Removeable covered Ileocolonic stent was used.

Results See Video, Successful placement of covered TTS self expanding stent across double neoterminal ileal stricture and TI and removal. The patient at subsequent follow up reported a dramatic improvement in their previous symptoms and gained weight rapidly.

Conclusion The use of removeable through the scope self expanding metal stents is now a real option for treating Crohns patients with anastomotic strictures as is illustrated by this video.

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