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PTU-091 UK Multicentre Audit of Management and Outcome of Autoimmune Hepatitis: Meeting The Standards
  1. VM Gordon,
  2. on behalf of UK Autoimmune Hepatitis Audit Group
  1. Hepatology, UHCW NHS Trust, Coventry, UK


Introduction Early diagnosis of liver disease is a current UK health priority. (Williams et al., 2015) Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH), affects 8000–15000 people in the UK and despite effective treatment, still results in excess mortality. At present there are no data reporting current standards of care regarding how AIH is diagnosed and managed in the UK as a whole.

We assessed adherence to pre-defined standards of care via the UK AIH audit and present results from 1267 patients diagnosed and managed with AIH in 28 UK centres (of varying size) between 2000–2015.

Methods We collected all prevalent (still-attending) cases diagnosed since 2000 and all incident cases diagnosed since 2007 by searching electronic patient letters, histology databases and hospital coding. Validation was by 1999 IAIHG diagnostic criteria. Information on diagnosis, initial severity, treatment and outcome was entered into a web-based data collection system. There were 1267 patients followed up for 4 (0–14) years. Results are shown in the table:

Abstract PTU-091 Table 1

Conclusion Standards pertaining to diagnosis were achieved but there was a notable delay in diagnosis. Fewer patients than expected received steroid treatment for at least one year. Only 38% achieved histological remission on follow-up biopsy. Fewer patients than expected died or required transplantation, perhaps because of the duration of follow-up.

Reference 1 Williams R, et al. Implementation of the Lancet standing commission on liver disease in the UK. The Lancet 2015;386(10008):2098–2111.

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