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35 Learning to take control
  1. E Wallace,
  2. L Croxon,
  3. K Lennon,
  4. E Smith
  1. 1Spinal Cord System of Care, Nursing Education Department, National Rehabilittion Hospital, Ireland
  2. 2Rochestown Ave, Dún Laoghaire, Co., Dublin, Ireland


Background Bowel care is a complex process, often a taboo subject. It is difficult to source a visual explanation tool for the teaching of the practical aspects of neurogenic bowel dysfunction for spinal cord individuals.

Aim To develop in a scientific manner an animation training video showing the following procedures: Insertion of a rectal suppository, Digital Rectal Stimulation and Digital Removal of Faeces.

This animation is a visual step by step approach, structuralising the education required for individuals with a neurogenic bowel dysfunction. It also supports their carers, families and health care professionals. Visual media will help to organise, process and retain information for the learner.

Method Kick off and research included compiling an interdisciplinary steering group. Relevant information was collected for the animation video including reviewing guidelines/articles/relevant bowel videos, etc. The driver diagram was used to plan the project along with the PDSA cycle (plan, do, study, act). Funding was obtained and animators were briefed on the project.

Results This animation DVD will augment the learning experience, by integrating technology and modernising our training for an enriched learning experience.

Overall results showed that 90% found the animation video excellent and suitable for both individuals with a spinal cord injury and health care professionals.

Conclusions The animation training video is not a standalone teaching tool, but will assist in providing relevant information. It will support training effectiveness for both skills and knowledge, using evidence based practice.

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