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Adalimumab in Crohn’s disease and symptomatic small bowel strictures
  1. Yoram Bouhnik1,
  2. Jean-Yves Mary2
  1. 1 Gastroentérologie, MICI et Assistance Nutritive, Hôpital Beaujon, Clichy, France
  2. 2 UMR-S-1153 Inserm, Denis Diderot – Paris 7 university, Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris, France
  1. Correspondence to Dr Yoram Bouhnik, Gastroentérologie, MICI et Assistance Nutritive, Hôpital Beaujon, 92110 Clichy, France; yoram.bouhnik{at}

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We thank Sonambekar et al 1 for their pertinent remarks, which raised the problem of some errors in our manuscript2 and gave us the opportunity to correct them: (1) the length of the strictures on MRI is in centimetres and not in millimetres (table 3); (2) it is noted that among the 97 patients, three had L2 diseases (table 2). After checking each case, two patients had L3 disease and one patient had L1 disease. (3) Among the causes of failure of treatment, a part of sentence was cut-off in the part ‘primary and secondary endpoints’. The complete sentence goes as follows: thirty-five patients failed to achieve success for the following reasons: 14 needed corticosteroids after week 8, two patients were switched to infliximab, eight patients underwent an intestinal resection, two patients had an endoscopic dilation, 10 patients had a severe adverse effect leading to adalimumab discontinuation, two patients interrupted adalimumab treatment and five patients withdrew from the study (four were lost to follow-up and one withdrew consent). Thus, only two patients were switched to infliximab.

We also agree with the authors that the Crohn’s disease obstructive score is not yet validated and requires validation and simplification, and the first aspect was underlined in the manuscript.



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  • Patient consent Obtained.

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