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IDDF2018-ABS-0119 Comparison of fluoroquinolone injection effect for 3 days continued with oral consumption for 4 days, with 7 days injection to wound healing of complicated appendicitis surgery
  1. Budhi Ida Bagus1,
  2. Nirmala Antonius2,
  3. Metria Ida Bagus3,
  4. Mastini Ida Ayu Kade4
  1. 1Surgery Department, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia
  2. 2Surgery Department, Moewardi General Hospital, Indonesia
  3. 3Medical Faculty, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia
  4. 4Pharmacy Department, Moewardi General Hospital, Indonesia


Background Fluoroquinolone according to Sanford guide is a recommended antibiotic in cases of perforated appendicitis. Oral Levofloxacin has an almost complete bioavailability (≥99%) absorbed by the body, proportional to the intravenous preparation. The aim of this study was to know the difference of injection fluoroquinolone for 3 days was continued orally 4 days with 7 days injection to wound healing operation of complicated appendicitis. There was lack of recommendation about this combination route antibiotics administration.

Methods This study was conducted in Surgery Department, Moewardi General Hospital, Indonesia from June – December 2016. Patients with complicated appendicitis who have performed laparotomy appendectomy, with a total of 16 samples. Sampling was taken using consecutive sampling technique. After the operation was made two groups, the first group was given antibiotic levofloxacin 750 mg by injection for 3 days, then given antibiotic levofloxacin tablets. The second group was given iv levofloxacin for 7 days. Wound medication was performed on the third, fifth, and seventh day, the clustering was done non-randomly. The data were tested with Fisher exact test.

Results Fisher exact test results obtained p=1000 (p>0,05) meaning that there is no significant difference between antibiotic fluoroquinolone injection for 3 days continued oral 4 days with injection 7 days on the wound healing. There was only 1 patient on combination route group has poor wound healing. All patients in the intravenous group had good wound healing after discharges from hospital.

Conclusions There was no significant difference in the use of fluoroquinolone antibiotic injection for 3 days followed by 4 day oral by 7 day injection of wound healing of complicated appendicitis. Combination route on fluoroquinolone antibiotics could reduce the length of stay with no significant complications.

  • Keywords fluoroquinolone
  • wound healing
  • complicated appendicitis

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