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OC-085 Lower Gastrointestinal Polypectomy Competencies in the UK: Retrospective Analysis
  1. A Rajendran1,2,
  2. S Thomas-Gibson3,4,
  3. R Rameshshanker1,
  4. P Dunckley5,
  5. N Sevdalis2,
  6. A Haycock1,4
  1. 1Gastroenterology, St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow
  2. 2King’s College, London
  3. 3Gastroenterology, St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow, London
  4. 4Imperial College, London
  5. 5Gastroenterology, Gloucester Royal Hospital, Gloucester, UK


Introduction The Directly Observed Polypectomy Skills (DOPyS) is a validated tool used to assess polypectomy skills in the UK.1 The overall competency for polypectomy is graded on a scale of 1 to 4 and is used to certify trainees for level 1 polypectomy (size < 1 cm) and level 2 polypectomy (size 0–2 cm). Trainees are certified as competent if they achieve grades 3 or 4 for more than 90% in their last 4 consecutive DOPyS and a caecal intubation rate (CIR) >90% over last 3 months. The aim of the study was to investigate the progress of competency in polypectomy for endoscopy

Methods Retrospective data from the e-portfolio from Jan 2009 to Sept 2015 was extracted using pre-determined criteria. 749 DOPyS data from 61 trainees was analysed. 42 trainees had achieved provisional (level 1 polypectomy) certification and 19 trainees in the same cohort subsequently achieved full (level 2 polypectomy) certification. Data collected included time (in days) & number of lower GI procedures to the start of first recorded polypectomy assessment (1 st DOPyS), time in days needed to achieve level 1 & level 2 competency from 1st DOPyS & from the first recorded lower GI procedure, caecal intubation rate (CIR) at time of 1st DOPyS & at last recorded DOPyS before certification.

Abstract OC-085 Table 1


  • Trainees in the UK start formative assessment for polypectomy after > 130 lower GI procedures & CIR of >70%

  • Median time for trainees to achieve level 1 & level 2 competencies from 1st DOPyS is < 2 years

  • Median time for trainees to achieve level 1 competency from first recorded lower GI procedure is > 3 years

  • Time to progress to level 2 competency from level 1 competency is > 200 days & may correspond to the rarity of polyps > 1cm in training cases

  • Polypectomy competency in this cohort of UK trainees is achieved after reaching an overall CIR >85%

  • Further studies are needed to analyse the learning curve of polypectomy & to implement changes to improve efficiency of training

Reference 1 Gupta S, Bassett P, Man R, Suzuki N, Vance ME, Thomas-Gibson S. Validation of anovel method for assessing competency in polypectomy. Gastrointest Endosc 2012;75(3):568–575.e1.

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