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The 10 Remaining Mysteries of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  1. Jean-Frederic Colombel (jfcolombel{at}
  1. Hopital Huriez, France
    1. Alastair J M Watson (alastair.watson{at}
    1. THE UNIVERSITY of LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom
      1. Markus F Neurath (neurath{at}


        Absract Tremendous progress has been made in our understanding of the pathobiology of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD: Crohns disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC)) through research on mouse models of gut inflammation, human population genetics studies and immunological research1-4. However, despite these important advances, many of the primary features of human IBD remain unexplained.

        • Crohn's disease
        • Ulcerative colitis
        • epidemiology
        • genetics
        • immunology

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