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Metabolic surgery profoundly influences gut microbial–host metabolic cross-talk
  1. Jia V Li1,2,
  2. Hutan Ashrafian2,3,
  3. Marco Bueter3,4,
  4. James Kinross1,2,
  5. Caroline Sands1,
  6. Carel W le Roux3,
  7. Stephen R Bloom3,
  8. Ara Darzi2,
  9. Thanos Athanasiou2,
  10. Julian R Marchesi5,
  11. Jeremy K Nicholson1,2,
  12. Elaine Holmes1
  1. 1Section of Biomolecular Medicine, Imperial College London, London, UK
  2. 2Section of Biosurgery & Surgical Technology, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London, London, UK
  3. 3Section of Investigative Medicine, Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, London, UK
  4. 4Department of Surgery, Division of Visceral and Transplantation Surgery, University Hospital, Zürich, Switzerland
  5. 5School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
  1. Correspondence to Professor Elaine Holmes, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London, South Kensington, London SW7 2AZ, UK; elaine.holmes{at} Julian R Marchesi, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AT, UK; MarchesiJR{at}
  • Bariatric surgery
  • NMR spectroscopy
  • obesity
  • bile acid
  • microbiota
  • morbid obesity
  • nuclear magnetic resonance

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  • JVL and HA contributed equally to this work.

  • Funding This study received financial support from the Imperial College London Junior research fellowship to JVL and from the Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship to HA. We are grateful for support from the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Funding Scheme.

  • Competing interests None.

  • Ethics approval All animal experiments were approved by Charing Cross Research Ethics Committee, London, UK.

  • Provenance and peer review Not commissioned; externally peer reviewed.

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