Table 3

Review of the literature:transfemoral arterial hepatic embolisation in patients with HHT

Authors Number of patients Age (y) Sex Shunt type Number of embolisations Follow up
Zentler Munro et al 6 151MArterioportal1 (additional ligation  of the hepatic artery)6 months
Deraufet al 8 148FArteriovenous22 months, stable
Göthlin et al9 253FArteriovenous2Died after 2 months
41FArteriovenous124 months, stable
Nikolopoulos et al 10 145FArteriovenous184 months, stable
Allison et al 12 1Arteriovenous1None
Bourgeois et al 13 166FArteriovenous2Died after 3 weeks
Brohee et al 14 145FArteriovenous224 months, stable
Roman et al 15 162FArteriovenous12 months, stable
Whiting et al 16 171FArteriovenous3None