Table 2

Mean (SD) demographic and manometric data of patients with and without manometric paradoxical sphincter contraction (PSC). The results did not change when groups were stratified according to constipation, stool incontinence and controls

PSC (n=72) No PSC (n=150)
Sex ratio (female/male)58/14135/15
Age (years)55.7 (2.0)56.7 (1.2)
Symptom duration12.7 (1.6)14.5 (1.7)
Sphincter pressures:
 Resting pressure (mm Hg)45.8 (2.8)42.4 (1.6)
 Maximal squeeze pressure (mm Hg)81.7 (4.3)76.1 (3.0)
RAIR thresholds:
 First appearance (ml)21.5 (1.4)21.5 (0.8)
 Maximal relaxation (ml)83.8 (4.9)81.5 (2.9)
Rectal sensitivity thresholds:
 Perception (ml)29.2 (2.3)27.4 (1.4)
 Urge (ml)69.4 (5.0)64.4 (2.9)
  • RAIR, rectoanal inhibitory reflex.