Table 1

 Histological classification of early gastric cancer in the Japanese literature

ReferenceCases (No)DifferentiatedUndifferentiatedMucinous adenocarcinoma
Papillary adenocarcinomaTubular adenocarcinoma (well differentiated)Tubular adenocarcinoma (moderately differentiated)TotalPoorly differentiated typeSignet ring cell carcinomaTotal
Ohta et al 44 98447.752.3
Xuan et al 48 28461461764305351
Maehara et al 50 42361.737.8
Endo et al 53 3324.836.119.960.819.319.939.2
Itoh et al 55 1091.860.662.429.47.336.70.9
Okuda et al48 10195.737.213.856.723.518.642.11.2
  • Values represent per cent of cases. Cancer (per cent of patients with specified symptom).