Table 1

 Monoclonal antibodies used to investigate the inflammatory infiltrate in the pancreas of patients with non-alcoholic and alcoholic chronic pancreatitis

Antigen Source Dilution
MHC class I, HLA-ABCDako1 in 10
MHC class II (clone Tu34), HLA-DRBiotest-Seralc1 in 50
MHC class II (clone Tu22), HLA-DQBiotest-Seralc1 in 10
Common leucocytic antigen (clone 2B11+PD)Dako1 in 50
Dendritic/reticulum cells: S100Dako1 in 300
Macrophages: Kp1 (CD68) (clone 3MA134)Dako1 in 50
T cells: UCHL1 (clone CD45RO)Dako1 in 400
B cells: L26 (CD20) (clone 26)Dako1 in 100
CD4 T cell subset: OKT4 (CD4)Dako1 in 10
CD4 T cell subset: Leu3a, clone SK3 (CD4)Becton Dickinson1 in 2.5
CD8 T cell subset: OKT8 (CD8)Dako1 in 10
  • Becton Dickinson, Sunnyvale, CA, USA; Biotest-Seralc, Brussels, Belgium; Dako, Copenhagen, Denmark.